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The milking continues…

Some time ago I talked about franchise milking. I defined it as an act of deliberately making your games plot span throughout 10 titles when you could’ve told the entire story in just two of them. The goal here is to keep retelling the same thing over and over again while you reuse the assets of the previous games for as long as there are people interested in re-hearing what you have to say or in this case replaying what you’ve already made. The perfect examples (and I honestly can’t think of a better ones) are Call of Duty and Assassin’s Creed franchises.


But the game developers have become sneaky lately. They realized that people have realized what they’ve been doing and they’ve been looking for new ways to sell same things over and over again. I’m talking about sport games. Games like FIFA18 are pretty much exactly the same copies of themselves that they were 10 years ago with polished gameplay mechanics which is something at least. To be fair, there are not many ways in which you can customize and innovate an established sports game like basketball so let’s not go too hard on them.


Now this is actually the predecessor of franchise milking. Sport games have had their annual release for around 20 years now. The only thing that would change significantly is the team roster. But that’s fine. What’s not fine is that games like FIFA and NBA 2K18 are increasing the amount of content in the game that is locked and requires additional payment!


From pay to play to pay to win. And now we have to pay to… pay?

These are the games that cost you around US$50-US$60 when they release. And like that’s not enough, they go ahead and make additional things within the game that require additional payment to use, experience or view. Is that even legal?


Thankfully, the community always finds a way to go over these ridiculous restrictions. That’s why we have have websites like that has all kinds of different hacks, FIFA hack for free coins, points and FCC included among other cool hacks as well


But to get back on the content being locked in a game you’ve already paid for…


It’s like selling the box that it has another box within it which is locked and requires you to purchase a key if you want to see what’s inside.

NBA 2K18 received a ton of criticism over it’s unnecessarily bloated VC economy. The game features micro-transactions the likes of which you will find in a free to play mobile game with card packs and premium currency. The only difference here is that mobile games are free to play titles and that they have to find some way to monetize their content. NBA 2K18 is a AAA title with a AAA price tag. So why is it asking for more? It’s the same thing with FIFA 18…


Just like with a franchise milking, when I asked why are developers still milking their franchises when absolutely nobody likes that, the answer is pretty simple. It’s because of us. We are the ones supporting these economy systems. Without the consumer, the economy cannot persist. If you want to see future releases of video games free of the “premium” content that actually has nothing premium about it besides its name, we have to say no to it. We have to realize that we are being manipulated.


The change starts with you!

Next time when we want to purchase a videogame, check to see if there is additional downloadable content and what it is. If you see that the game has optional downloadable content and in game purchases on thr first day of it’s release, I’m pretty sure that the game you’re trying to buy has that same repulsive economy system and advise you to pass on it.

The videogame market is huge and you are undoubtably going to find something worth your time. There are incredible indie titles that deliver quality content with decent graphics and also show respect for your time and money.

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