Dark Souls, a different kind of multiplayer.

You could roughly split the gaming community into single player gamers who play solely for the story and game experience and the multiplayer ones that prefer thrills of competitive gaming over anything. If I were to choose in which group to include myself, it will be a rather difficult choice because I truly love both sides of gaming. But do we really have to choose? Is it that difficult to bring both of those groups together in a game that kinda unifies both concepts?

I’ve been playing Dark Souls for a very long time. Recently I had the pleasure of completing the third game installment (which is fantastic by the way and I wholeheartedly recommend it) and it was around that time when I realized that the game is very different than the rest even on an additional level that was invisible to me until then.

Ask anybody who play the game whether it’s multiplayer or single player experience and I guarantee that they will, even if for just a moment, pause and think about it before speaking their mind.

This is because the game can’t be simply classified as one of those and not the other at the same time.

It’s most definitely a multiplayer experience, unless of course you option for playing it offline which you probably wouldn’t want to do in the first place unless of course you’re a pirate and are forced to play alone. This multiplayer experience however is very different indefinitely not something that you think of when somebody mentions multiplayer.

Everybody is playing their own version of a single player game while at the same time, all of your worlds are overlapping one another you may frequently see each other as mere phantoms.

There are also messages that you may leave to one another to warn each other about the dangers lurking ahead or perhaps intentionally draw them to some of those.

But multiplayer doesn’t stop there, it is where it merely begins. Should you wish for it, interaction between players is also very possible. All you need to do is leave a summon sign on the ground and when another player touches it you will be drawn to their world from which point you can act as their personal guardian and help them on their quest.

It is possible for a couple of players to band together in order to pursue greater challenges as a group are simply for the sake of an adventure.

You may even choose to invade another player’s world and engage them in battle to steal their souls and humanity from them. The game is not as cruel and unforgiving as some may think. Should you find yourself under constant attacks from stronger players, it is possible to weaken those links connect your worlds to theirs by performing a simple and quick game action so that they may not invade you anymore.

It features all those aspects of multiplayer games like reading a dungeon together or battling each other for fun or dominance while at the same time preserving that intimate feeling of adventuring far beyond on your own which is not very present multiplayer and MMO games. In my honest opinion Dark Souls has an amazing multiplayer scheme worthy of following. Wouldn’t you agree?


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