What ruined Assassin’s Creed games for me. Part 2

This text contains major spoilers for Assassin’s Creed 3 story including the ending!

The unusual trilogy that second Assassin’s Creed game spawned didn’t bother me back then. In fact, I was actually very glad that they are giving this story so much thought and that they are developing it and explaining it in such depth. At least, that’s what I thought and hoped was the case with this game that I took quite a liking to (still disliked the demigod powers of protagonists though).

 The specific way in which the first two games followed the events that took place outside of Animus made me almost certain that the game’s epilogue will take place in a modern time with Desmond being its main character. This is also the reason I mentioned that how I thought Watch Dogs was supposed to be another installment of Assassin’s Creed set in the present day but it got canceled and rewritten instead.

Then Assassin’s Creed 3 happened. From the moment I laid my eyes on that game I was disappointed. I was hoping for a game centered around Desmond ending the conflict between Templars and the Assassins but what we got instead story seemingly unrelated to any of that.

Yes, I know the story wasn’t unrelated. The truth is, they developed a story and then made it relate to some kind of unrelated cave therefore making it part of lore. At least, that’s how I felt about it while I was playing. It felt unnecessary. It felt like it was forcefully shoved in to unnecessarily prolong this already lengthy story. Around that time I kind of started seeing the big picture.

They’ve ended the game with Desmond’s death in order to free themselves from the game’s leading protagonist. They purposely left us with more questions than answers with this game precisely because they knew how felt about it story. Say it again, this games story was exceptional and could have easily been one of the best videogame stories ever told. UbiSoft was perfectly aware of that fact.

That was precisely why AC2 was made into a trilogy. They wanted to cash in as much as possible with this franchise before it was the least obvious way. They made us believe how everything is related when it was actually simply unnecessarily prolonged just to grab as much cash as possible when in facet, they were milking it.

 Desmond’s death made their job even easier. Without the games leading protagonist the story no longer needed to have a revolving point as long as it featured Templars, Assassin’s hidden blades and parkour. This is most obvious in the fourth installment of the game, “Black Flag” where even the concept of having assassins in a game called Assassin’s Creed was no longer needed as long as those other criteria were met. For as long as you could parkour and had a hidden blade up your sleeve, the fact that you’re a pirate who actually found in the first place and has absolutely nothing to do with the original order of assassin’s (just like Connor from AC3 didn’t) didn’t matter. It was still selling just like before.

Take a look at new Assassin’s Creed games and tell me what is it exactly that these games have in common with the initial idea, story and characters of the original game? That is precisely what ruined this game for me.



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