Franchise Milking

What is franchise milking?

If you’re playing video games for the past couple of years then unfortunately you are most likely familiar with the term. For those of you blissfully ignorant or seemingly innocent, franchise milking means that an author or developer of some media, specifically video games in this case is purposely prolonging a franchises lifespan in order to “milk”more money from it.

For example heres new Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Actually make that every Call of Duty game in the past ten years.

If you are a Call of Duty player annually spending on this franchise you probably noticed how pretty much every game plays almost exactly as the last one. Chances are also that your willfully ignorant of the fact in which case I’m afraid there is no cure other than stopping a fan boy and get rational.

So what is happening where people willingly spending up to 60€ (in some cases even double for a deluxe version) a product that is pretty much exactly the same as the one released before it? Was this happening?

Well the answer is very simple actually. It is happening because we are allowing it to happen. They are selling us the exact same products branded with a different name because we are willingly setting these facts aside and giving our money to these companies for these products.

Will allow Call of Duty hasn’t changed ever since Modern Warfare. It was the first and the last truly different and truly innovative war themed first-person shooter game in quite a while. The funny thing is, almost 10 years since then the game is still holding onto that title. Crazy, right?!


We have to realize that it is up to us as gamers to support the games that we deem worthy. It is up to us to buy games that we like and pass the games that we don’t really find that much entertaining. It’s the same thing with Assassin’s Creed. The developers keep telling us same games that have nothing new safe for a gadget or two are in no way different than their predecessor. You’re basically paying for product that you already experienced in a slightly different way.

It is also the same thing that’s happening with these annual releases of sports games like FIFA or NBA. The only thing that is actually different these games are team statistics that might have slightly changed over one year time since the previous installment in the franchise launched. That and the fact that you’re going to need an updated software if you want to get free FIFA 17 coins with this online based generator.

and that is what a franchise milking is. We are nothing less to blame for it within the developers just trying to cash in their hard work. We gamers are also part of the problem so don’t act like we’re not to blame because we are. Without our support franchise milking would be possible, so next time you see a game you truly like, buy it, don’t pirate it. Support the developers behind the game so they can make another one possibly much better than the first (take The Witcher franchise for example). At the same time think twice before buying a game that doesn’t really differ much from its predecessor say for the increase in number at the end of its name because you know that you are paying full price for something you’ve pretty much experienced already.

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