Ghost Recon Wildlands? Don’t get too excited.

Recently, this game came to my radar and to be completely honest, I was very excited when I first saw it. It reminded me immediately of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain with its open world and a promise of playing the way you want to with an exception that, unlike Metal Gear this game features much wanted co-op gameplay. It is something that I felt like I was missing dearly during my Phantom Pain playtime. Seeing Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands gave me some hope that I will eventually get to play something close to MGSV co-op that I never got.


Unfortunately that hope short-lived in the reality slapped me across the face soon after that. You wonder why that is? Will the answer is simple really, this is a UbiSoft game and as a long time gamer I have come to realize that nobody should ever expect anything good ever again from this company but, in a desperate attempt to contradict my own experience and somehow justify the fact that I really wanted his game to succeed I started digging throughout the Internet looking for more videos that may prove me wrong.

Suffice to say, I started losing hope short after as I started watching some other videos of the game, carefully watching not only what was in the focus of the whole picture that was being shown.

It’s a demonstration of the game yet, even for a company like UbiSoft, which is well known to put a ton of makeup on games demos that they’re showing to us this game still managed to look very clunky and washed out. For example the animations of the game are simply bad. They do not, by any means, look like something made for this generation of video games. It seems awfully contextual and not dynamic at all compared to some games like, for example Metal Gear Solid where your character exists and interacts with the world in a truly organic way so to say.


Being a stealth game, the shadows would definitely need to be completely remade since the ones that are present in the game don’t look like they would offer any protection from enemy sight to anyone standing inside of them, and this is not just about graphics, this is about the overall player experience where you can easily be misguided that there is no hiding spot where there actually are aplenty.

Some videos were showing NPC’s clipping through each other and acting unaware of the world around them and their surroundings. The interrogation sequences looked extremely unpolished. In the transition from 3rd to 1st person aiming was just not good at all.

I know that some people will say how this is just an early build of the game and how they have a lot of time to fix all of that but, just think about previous UbiSoft releases and how they were also unpolished months before the game actually released, how to developer were well aware of all of these problems because the gamers kept bringing them up yet, the games were released just as they were in those demos, and more often than not in much worst and washed out states.

As much as I’d like to be positive about this game and as much as I like it to succeed, and believe me I really would like to see a game like this done well but, I can only be realistic about it and can’t help but feel differently considering who the publisher behind the game is.

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